Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Variations of Nepenthes albomarginata

Usually considered an intermediate-growing species (ie needs cool growing condition), we were surprised to find this pitcher plant growing on white sand under the shade of shrubs in extremely hot lowland kerangas forest in Sarawak. The more common form in cultivation comes from highlands, a famous one being the Cameron Highland form from Peninsula Malaysia. This is rather unfortunately, of the plain green form.

A much more beautiful variety, supposedly found only in Gunung Mulu, is dark purple or black. I saw this on sale in a Singapore nursery just a few days ago, but the price was rather cut-throat.
Whatever the forms, this distinctive species has a pale ring around its lid made up of white fine hairs. It uses this to attract its prey - termites. The critters would chew on the hair and some would inevitably drop into the slippery death trap.
Shooting the smokey pitchers against a grey concrete background create a moody monotone effect with just a tinge of green colour showing. Without spending a cent, I had acquired 30 or so images to look at whenever I please and was contented to put the plant back on its rack.

Prudence in the age of recession.


kompoStella said...

sometimes the seeing - with or w/o the camera - is enough ;-) amazingly beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

Hort Log said...

Thanks ! the plant has a calming colouration.... I think I did capture the gist of it.

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