Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pecteilis susannae

The orchids from genus Pecteilis consists of 10 or so Asian terrestrial species which shows seasonal dormancy. P.susannae is a widespread plant found from eastern India all the way down to Borneo and Sulawesi. It has a longish tuber which needs cool dry resting period to initiate flowering. Growers in Singapore achieved this by placing them in air-con room or fridge over the period of 4-5 months or so.

I saw this spectacular flowering plant at a local nursery, leftover from a recent garden exhibition. It was priced to clear and so tempting to take it home, but I had low success rate with this type of temperate things and would likely create a fuss over it, only to witness its slow demise. Its best, for both of us, to just say hi and move on.


Titania said...

A beautiful orchid, but you are right sometimes it is just not possible to give them the right conditions to grow happily. So better to say goodbye before its demise!

Hort Log said...

yep.... I had killed quite a few similar plants before, lessons learnt.

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