Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Durian hunting - pt2

Durians, like the smelly tofu and perhaps blue cheese, is an acquired taste. But I do know of toddlers having their first durians, rejecting them one day and relishing them the very next. I even know of a dog which love the fruits so much that it had a tooth decay after consuming too much…I think they are not designed to eat sweet sticky stuff.

Well, squirrels here have certainly acquired a taste for the thorny fruit, so many of these durians have holes like this made by the toothy rodents. Elsewhere around the region, it was said that wild pigs and even tigers like the fruits, and we all know with certainty that Orang utans are big fans as well.


Hermes said...

Good to have you back. Fascinating pictures, what does it actually taste like.

Hort Log said...

Thanks again for dropping by.

There is really no way to describe the taste - its unique amongst the fruits I have tasted. Its texture is like avocado. It has a very pungent sweetish smell, kind of like some rotting fruits - this smell is usually the main put off but it can be addictive. The taste for normal variety is sweet to very sweet - but for me, the best are those that are bitter-sweet....like life perhaps.

Maybe you can get the fruit in Asian grocers, but these frozen air-freight types are usually from Thailand, which produce less odour. Alternatively, get a watered-down version by buying durian sticky cake, and imagine the intensity concentrated 10 times.

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