Sunday, December 16, 2007


....which means devil's yam. An unfortunate common Chinese name for Amorphophallus, a genus from the Yam family(Aroid) which typically has grotesque smelly flower borne from a tuber usually before any foliage appears. Other unfortunate names include corpse flower (Indonesia)and vodoo lily (widely used in the west).

Shown here is Amorphophallus bulbifer, used as a food plant in some parts of Asia (like India). Fortunately, it did not release any of its famed odour during this photo session. This species is medium size, of easy culture and has nice foliage so if one has accomodating neighbours, why not give it a shot ?

Ouch! ....yes dear, will get it out of the apartment right now !

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Chen Feng said...

from Chen Feng

Chen Feng said...


Hort Log said...

Yes its true. Some Amorphophallus have giant blooms taller than a man. Hopefully one of these will bloom for me.

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